Sprout Seeds at Home and Save

Learning how to Sprout Seeds at Home and Save can be both rewarding as well quite economical in the long run. You can get the entire family involved in growing your own sprout seeds and discover the rich world of growing your own food in the safety and comfort of your own home.

There are a variety of sprouting seeds that you can easily sprout and grow. Some of the more popular seeds for sprouting include alfalfa seed for growing alfalfa sprouts, broccoli seeds to grow broccoli sprouts, clover seed for growing clover sprouts, mung bean seed for growing bean sprouts, and radish seed for growing tangy radish sprouts. Of course there are a huge variety of sprout seeds that can be grown. Do a little research online to discover some of the other sprouting seed varieties available.

The Varying Ways to Grow Sprouts

There are a number of methods you can use to sprout seeds at home and save. One of the most economical methods is to use a quart jar with a mesh screen over the top to drain the growing seeds. Another way is to use trays and a mister bottle to water them regularly. The easiest way is to use an automatic sprouter like an Easygreen Sprouter. Initially they cost more but will pay for themselves in short order because they can grow more sprouts in less time.

The first thing you will want to do is soak the seed. Smaller seed requires less soaking time than larger seed. Also if you live in warmer more humid climate you may want to soak even less. If you grow in an Easygreen Sprouter there is no need to soak the seed at all.

As the sprouting seed is growing you will want to make sure that they are in a well ventilated area. You will also want to make sure they are rinsed on a regular basis. It is also important that the growing sprouts are well drained.

Once the sprouts are fully grown you can place them in a lighted area to green them up if you like. After that you can rinse of the hulls if you don’t like them, drain them, and place them in the refrigerator. Since sprouts are living foods they will continue to grow, even in the refrigerator.

Save Money Growing Your Own Sprouts

That’s how easy it is to sprout seeds at home and save. One pound of sprouting seeds will on average grow 10 pounds of sprouts. That’s a lot of sprouts! To buy 10 pound of broccoli sprouts at the store would cost anywhere from $80 to $140! That’s a lot of money. You can grow that same 10 pounds of broccoli sprouts at home for about $25. That is a considerable saving for growing your own healthy nutritious sprouts at home.

I’m sure you can see that not only is it fun and easy to Sprout Seeds at Home and Save, but in these tough economic times it’s a great way to bring affordable highly nutritional living foods to your table to feed your family as well.

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To learn more about how to sprout seeds at home and save check out the Wikipedia.org page.