Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of This Superfood

Chia sprouts may just look like your everyday sprout, but don’t let appearances deceive you. Packed full of nutritional goodness, the various chia sprout health benefits and nutritional facts have seen this small potent seed become the latest sought-after “Superfood”.

Here are 5 health benefits and nutrition facts that you can obtain from adding chia sprouts to your daily diet.

Chia Sprouts can reduce your risk of heart disease

Since chia sprouts contain high protein, fiber, as well as omega-3s, they will lower your risk of getting heart disease. Rat studies revealed that chia sprouts can lower certain risk factors such as triglycerides, belly fat, insulin resistance, and inflammation.Your HDL cholesterol will also be raised. Some studies have also shown that sprouts can reduce the level of blood pressure in people with hypertension, which poses the risk of heart disease.

The sprouts can reduce the level of your blood sugar

One of the symptoms of untreated type 2 diabetes is high fasting levels of blood sugar. If this is consistent, then it is associated with an increase in the risk of several chronic diseases, including heart disease.But temporary hikes in blood sugar levels after the meals can as well have a serious impact on your health when it is always excessively high.

Animal studies revealed that the chia sprouts are capable of improving the sensitivity of insulin and control blood sugar, hence will stabilize the levels of blood sugar after meals. This is supported by human studies which show that eating the bread with chia can reduce the after meals rise in blood sugar when compared to the bread without any chia.

They Help reduce chronic inflammation

Inflammation happens when your body responds normally to injury or infection. A typical example is a swollen red skin.Even if inflammation assists your body to fight off and heal viruses, bacteria and several infectious agents, sometimes it can cause harm.This applies mainly to chronic inflammation and is characterized by an increased danger of cancer and heart diseases.

A study in twenty people suffering from diabetes indicated that consuming chia seeds of about 37 grams daily can lower the rate of inflammation by 40%.

How to sprout chia seeds

For you to try chia seeds through sprouting, first, sprinkle a layer of seeds on a terra cotta dish. Secondly, you will set the dish inside a large plate that contains water. You will then cover it with another plate. The Water will penetrate slowly the terra cotta plate and the chia seeds will get enough quantity of water to be sprouted. Wait for one to two days and mist with them again with clean and fresh water directly on the chia seeds. You will need to harvest your seeds on the third day. It normally takes you around three days to get the chia sprouts.


The value of chia seeds nutrition is gaining ground among health experts and health-conscious individuals alike and for good reasons, too. The chia food diet is easy to adopt in your daily diet, thus, making it easier to enjoy the numerous benefits of this amazing and potent superfood that has joined the ranks.

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