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Quality Seeds for Sprouting for the Home Sprout Grower

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If you’re looking to buy seeds for sprouting to grow healthy nutritious sprouts at home you’ve come to the right place.

We offers the best prices on seeds for sprouting to the home grower that you will find anywhere locally or online.

One of the many amazing features and benefits of living sprouts is that they offer some of the most bio-available nutrients you will find in any of the food groups. They are high in enzymes, are a complete an easily assimilated protein and a nutritional source that is easily and readily available for your body to use to grow healthy and strong.


We have the highest quality certified organic broccoli sprout seeds to grow delicious healthy broccoli sprouts for only $15.55/lb., certified organic crimson clover seed to grow clover sprouts for only $8.88/lb., certified organic alfalfa seed to grow alfalfa sprouts for only $11.11/lb., certified organic chia seed for only $7.77/lb. and organically certified sprouting green pea seed to grow pea shoots and sprouts.  These seeds are all certified organic and are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Plus all of our seeds are non-GMO!


We also carry radish seeds to grow radish sprouts for only $7.77/lb. as well! These seeds are not certified organic but are grown organically and sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.


Plus we carry the high quality and easy to use Easygreen Sprouter, the best automatic sprouter available.


We have been growing and selling sprouts and seeds for sprouting for over 4 decades so you can rest assured that we carry only the highest quality sprout seeds with the best germination rates for an effortless growing experience. And all of products are non-GMO as well. Now is the time to order the best quality seeds for sprouting at the lowest prices. Thanks for stopping by!

Broccoli Sprout Seeds

Our certified organic broccoli seeds are sustainably grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and are tested to be free of any such toxic substances. We have grown these seeds for decades with amazing results. Only $15.55/lb!

Chia Seed

Organic chia seeds are an incredible super food and our seed is no exception! For thousands of years various cultures have used this seed for many reasons. Native Americans would take a small bag of seeds and a gourd of water on their journeys.

Alfalfa Seed

We have alfalfa seed for sprouting at only $11.11 per pound. It’s certified organic, non-GMO and has a very high germination rate to give you a full crop. Since we ship all of our products via priority mail you will have your seeds for sprouting in just a few short days.

Seeds for Sprouting

Green Pea Seeds

Enjoy the mildly sweet delicious crunchiness of green pea sprouts grown from our certified organic green pea sprouting seeds for growing pea sprouts. They can be grown to a tender leafy shoot in 10 to 14 days or a short sprout in only two to three days.

Radish Seeds

You will  love the zesty crunchy taste of radish sprouts from our radish sprouting seeds. If you’d like to add a little excitement you can add them to your alfalfa seed or clover seed to nicely perk up their flavor. They’re sustainably grown without the use of chemicals.

Easygreen Sprouter

The EasyGreen is the most convenient device for growing sprouts, micro-greens, wheatgrass and many other seedlings. The automatic water mister, sprouting enclosure, and drainage system help ensure a healthy, consistent, yet flexible, growing environment.

Clover Seed

Clover seeds for sprouting is another popular product. If you like alfalfa sprouts you’ll love the sweet mild flavor of clover sprouts. They are actually larger and more flavorful than alfalfa sprouts and are certified organic without the use of chemicals.

Automatic Watering System

The Easygreen Sprouter Automatic Watering System (AWS) is a self installed product. It automatically adds water as needed to the sprouters reservoir so you will not have to every 1 to 2 days. Click here for installation instructions.